Who’s Protecting Your Fair Share?

Wills and trusts ensure your loved one’s final wishes are honored. But fraud, abuse, and undue influence can deceive your loved one, deny his or her final wishes, and cheat you out of the inheritance that’s rightfully yours. You may be wondering how you can make things right. At Fair Share Lawyers, our estate dispute lawyers want to help with your probate court issues.

We Settle Probate / Estate Disputes (Will Contests, Trust Disputes, Abuse of Power of Attorney)

We understand that defending your loved one’s legacy and protecting your best interests go hand-in-hand. Our legal team is here to investigate your claim and help you fight for your full inheritance. We’ll handle your probate or estate dispute with the respect and compassion you and your family deserve.

Demand Your Fair Share!

If you were unfairly cut out of a will, are the beneficiary of a mishandled trust, or believe an agent is abusing their power of attorney, get help now. You may be able to contest a will, trust, or transfer of property you believe is wrong, but you need to act quickly. Call us at (800) 719-2721 or fill out our free online form to Demand Your Fair Share!


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