Cases We Handle

The types of cases we handle are in the realm of wage and hour claims, estate disputes, and dangerous drugs and products. Whether you were unfairly cut out from a will, or a person close to your family member abused his or her power of attorney, Fair Share Lawyers wants to help. We understand the legal, financial, and emotional impacts an estate dispute can have on your family, and our legal team will fight to protect your best interests and fulfill the intent of your loved one’s final wishes.

Our probate and estate dispute lawyers have the skills and knowledge to handle a variety of cases, such as:

  • Will Contests
    You may be able to contest a will if you feel you’ve been unfairly excluded, cheated out of an inheritance, or you believe your loved one’s true wishes are being ignored. Our lawyers are here to investigate your loved one’s estate and help protect your rights to the full inheritance you’re owed, but you need to act now.
  • Trust Disputes
    Similar to a will, a trust is a way for you to receive property and assets from a loved one. If you are a beneficiary, you can challenge a trust for several reasons, including:

    • The trust contains mistakes
    • The trustee mishandled the estate
    • The deceased was coerced or mentally unable to authorize the trust

Call us today. If we find grounds for challenging your loved one’s trust, we’ll fight to help you get your fair share.

  • Abuse of Power of Attorney
    As your loved one grows older, power of attorney may be given to a close friend or family member to help make important financial and medical decisions. But if he or she betrays your loved one’s trust, it can have serious financial consequences. If your loved one is the victim of power of attorney abuse, we’ll do everything we can to hold the abuser accountable.

It can be difficult to understand if you have the grounds to challenge a will, trust, or transfer of property. Visit our Do I Have a Case? page, or read about probate cases of families like yours to find out if you may have a claim.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the standard legal process for proving a will in court. In probate court, the deceased’s debts, taxes, and administration costs are paid from the assets comprising the estate, and the remaining assets are distributed according to the will. Probate court is also the venue for challenging a will, trust, or power of attorney when disputes arise from:

  • Changes made to a will or trust
  • Transfers of property prior to the death of the loved one
  • Changes to beneficiary designations on life insurance or retirement accounts
  • Co-ownership of inherited property
  • Mismanagement of a probate or trust estate
  • Elder abuse

If you suspect that your loved one has been the victim of undue influence, elder abuse, fraud, or mismanagement of assets regarding their financial estate, will, or trust, contact Fair Share Lawyers today.

Get Help With Your Will or Trust Dispute

Without an experienced probate and estate dispute lawyer on your side, it can be difficult to challenge financial transactions, a will, or a trust in probate court. If you have an inheritance or estate dispute, Fair Share Lawyers wants to help. Contact our 24/7 legal team to Demand your Fair Share! Just dial (800) 719-2721 or complete our free online form.