What Is the Difference Between a Probate Dispute Lawyer and an Estate Lawyer?

By Jimmy Bewley | August 2, 2021

Whether you’re planning your own estate or disputing the distribution of the estate of a loved one you believe was handled incorrectly, it’s helpful to know some of the terms you’re likely to encounter. Unfortunately, the legal field has a serious problem with jargon, and that can make things complicated for everyone who isn’t an…

contesting an estate if there is no will

How to Contest an Estate if There Is No Will

By Jimmy Bewley | July 19, 2021

When someone is considering contesting an estate of a loved one when a will doesn’t exist, they generally will be contesting the probate process. This process can be complex if you aren’t familiar with it, and few people have an in-depth understanding of how it works. However, we can simplify what’s involved in contesting a…

How Do I Find an Attorney to Help Me Contest a Will?

By Jimmy Bewley | July 5, 2021

When you’re involved in an estate dispute, it’s important to hire a lawyer; but you also need to be sure that the lawyer you hire knows what they’re doing. Searching for and hiring a will contest attorney might seem like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t need to be. We have a few practical steps…