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By 2030, the number of Americans over age 65 is expected to increase to 71.5 million. Americans are aging, they are living longer, and they are surviving illnesses and diseases that would have been fatal a generation ago. As our family members age, they become increasingly vulnerable to financial fraud, abuse, and coercion, often by caregivers and the family members closest to them.

At Fair Share Lawyers, we have unfortunately witnessed a dramatic increase in instances of abuse and undue influence directed at some of the weakest members of our society. Unscrupulous individuals opportunistically prey upon the vulnerabilities of the elderly, whom often are too frail or afraid to resist. We determined that we were going to take a stand on behalf of those who are unable to defend themselves.

Our probate and estate dispute lawyers want to hold those who would take advantage of the elderly accountable for their actions. It’s our goal to protect the legacies of families from those who would benefit from wrongdoing.

Our law firm understands estate disputes can threaten even the strongest family bonds. When you come to us with a will contest, trust dispute, or suspicion of elder financial abuse, we’ll work hard to resolve or settle your case with respect, compassion, and care. We try our best to settle matters without resorting to litigation and always endeavor to maintain family relationships throughout the probate process. But we won’t hesitate to take your case to court if necessary. Through careful case preparation and planning, we’ll work hard to protect the integrity of your loved one’s final wishes.

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully cut from a family member’s will or trust, or you suspect your loved one was the victim of fraud or coercion, contact Fair Share Lawyers today. Our estate dispute lawyers want to help fulfill your loved one’s final wishes as he or she would have intended-so you can get the inheritance you deserve.