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After a motorcycle crash that wasn’t your fault, you deserve compensation. But the insurance company often gives motorcyclists a raw deal because insurance companies representatives assume motorcyclists were reckless and caused their own accidents.

At Fair Share Lawyers, we believe in standing up for the rights of injured motorcyclists, and our Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help you get the payment you’re entitled to.

Understanding the Challenges Facing Tennessee Motorcyclists Submitting Injury Claims

Motorcycles are more popular today than ever before. Riders enjoy the spirit of adventure and freedom their bikes offer as they travel our Tennessee’s roads. However, with Nashville’s massive growth comes more dangers for motorcyclists on our crowded and congested streets and highways. Unfortunately, that means more accidents as well.

Many times, accidents are caused simply from a lack of respect and courtesy for the motorcycle itself and its rider.  Just because you ride a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you deserve any less attention or consideration from other drivers. When the unthinkable happens, the rider’s lack of protection such as crumple zones and seatbelts can lead to devastating injuries, and unfortunately, even death.  Negligent drivers must be held accountable for the damages they cause in these tragedies.

But what’s even more troubling is that after a motorcycle accident, the insurance company may try to automatically point blame and responsibility for the accident on the motorcycle rider. That’s WRONG!

At Fair Share Lawyers, we help everyday people who’ve been hurt by the negligence of others. We’ll review your claim and connect you with the experienced legal representation equipped to fight and build a strong case on your behalf. We’ll do all the work, so you can focus on getting better.

What Motorcyclists Need to Know About Their Legal Rights

Like every other motorist, you have the right to compensation after being injured in a crash that wasn’t your fault. The law gives crash victims a path to compensation through personal injury claims.

When you file a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident, you can demand payment for medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and any other crash-related expenses you face.

These claims are necessary because insurance companies won’t automatically offer you what you’re entitled to. In fact, when it comes to motorcyclists, they’re likely to deny your claim or offer only a lowball settlement.

Sadly, many injured motorcyclists accept the insurance companies’ first offers because they expect the offer to be fair. And when they realize that they’ll need far more compensation to cover the costs they’ve encountered, it’s too late.

Once you accept a settlement offer from an insurance company, you won’t be able to demand more. This is why it’s so important to speak to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney before engaging with the insurance company.

Let Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Demand Your Fair Share

When you hire our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys, you can focus on your health, your family, and your recovery. Our team will investigate the causes of your crash, deal with the insurance company, file all necessary paperwork, and build your case to get you maximum compensation.

We know how insurance companies operate, and we’ll let them know that you deserve compensation for all of the costs of the injuries you’ve suffered. Our team will work with you to calculate how much you’re entitled to by determining the costs you’ve faced related to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other crash-related expenses you’ve encountered

To build your case, we’ll conduct thorough investigations to prove the driver of the vehicle was at fault. If needed, we’ll consult expert witnesses to help establish how the crash happened and what you deserve in compensation.

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