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The nation’s first marketing law firm dedicated specifically to probate litigation cases. We represent the victims of inheritance and estate disputes…and that’s all we do.

To learn more about Fair Share Lawyers and explore options for your law firm’s participation, below you’ll find detailed information ranging from our marketing efforts, firm operations, strategic vision, and more.

Key Performance Indicators (through September '16)

Total Leads Since Inception 1,924
Past 13 Weeks Avg. Lead per wk 7.08
Active Cases (Legal) 36
Total Signups Since Inception 147
Recent 13 Weeks Avg. Signup per Wk. .1
Time on Desk (Legal) 559 days



Conversion Rate Since Inception 7.6%
Recent 13 Weeks Conversion Rate .01%
Pursued Cases (Intake) n/a
Drop Rate Since Inception 46.9%
Time on Desk (Intake) n/a



Total Active Estimated Fees $1,528,750
Cost Per Lead $152
Avg. Active Case Fee $42,465
Cost Per Case $3,947



Progress Towards BHAG 38
Total Collected Fees $385,069
Avg. Collected Case Fee $10,133
Legal Efficiency (Collected) $1,585


Probate Boom: Historic Transfer of Wealth

The largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history is underway. As America’s baby boomers become increasingly older, an estimated $41 trillion dollars will pass from one generation to the next. This historic phenomenon will also create unprecedented legal concerns for the younger population that stands to inherit this staggering wealth.

Meet Fair Share Lawyers, a probate litigation law firm focused exclusively on inheritance and estate disputes. We provide legal assistance to family members when the true wishes of their deceased loved ones are not being followed.

Our strategic objective is for Fair Share Lawyers to be the go-to brand consumers associate with estate disputes and will contests nationwide. However, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we are building a coalition of individual law firms across the country. Through focused marketing initiatives, we are spreading the word to consumers that help has arrived, and through our contingency fee arrangement, the opportunity to pursue justice is affordable and accessible for all.

Never before in history has the older population of the United States been so large. Between now and 2052, the number of people age 65 and older will nearly double.

While more people are living longer, more people will also be vulnerable to financial fraud, coercion, undue influence, and abuse. With the increased transfer in wealth, there will be an increase in the number of opportunities for people to take advantage of the elderly.

Fair Share Lawyers was specifically created to help family members pursue their rightful inheritance and protect their loved ones’ wishes. When family is pitted against family, emotions run high. Our goal is always a successful resolution, while still maintaining and preserving the integrity of the family.

Spreading the Word

Maybe more important than what we do is how we do it. We have created an opportunity for thousands of family members to pursue justice that previously was unknown or perceived as unaffordable.

We attribute our current success to two things:

  1. We are a marketing law firm. We believe that spreading the word through mass media is not only a good thing to do, but also the right thing to do. We have been told by clients numerous times that they had no idea there was anything that could be done about the unscrupulous wrongdoing of another family member or caregiver. Now they know that help is available.
  2. We pursue nearly all cases through a contingency arrangement. There are no upfront costs or expensive attorney fees based on hourly billing just to find out whether or not there is a case. Our clients pay nothing unless we are successful in resolving their case.

A National Network

We intend for Fair Share Lawyers to be a national brand, providing service to people from coast to coast. We will do this through strategic alliances with law firms across the country.

While growth is vital to our future prosperity, neither firm size nor financial benchmarks will dictate how we measure success. Our goal is to achieve recoveries for 20,000 families and keep our eyes on what’s important: our clients’ satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about our progress or you’re interested in joining the Fair Share Lawyers network, contact Arnie Malham, Director of Marketing & Business Development, at 615-296-1068.

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